Date Formed: August 2008
Location: Hong Kong
Description: Indie rock trio performing tragi-comic postpunk.

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The Grelling-Nelson Paradox - previews

The Grelling-Nelson Paradox - previews

Genre: Rock

Release Date: 2010

Credits: Bass: Ben Bair
Guitar/vocals: Tom McGrenery
Drums: Phil Taylor

Recorded at Mark-1 Music Studios, Kowloon

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1.How Do You Take Your Coffee?EnglishListen (3:42)Download (5.3 MB)Is this song about coffee? Or lost love? Or possibly about Cold War spies? It's definitely about something, at any rate.View Lyrics
2.Cloud in the StarsEnglishListen (5:00)Download (7.2 MB)Originally composed in the back of a taxi one night on the Beijing second ring road.  
3.Hidden BritainEnglishListen (4:10)Download (6.0 MB)I grew up next to an air force base that has an emergency runway concealed under the golf course. And down the road was a huge listening station pointed at the Soviet Union. This song is about that kind of stuff. View Lyrics
4.Walk This EarthEnglishListen (6:12)Download (8.9 MB)Every album needs a track about sailors doomed to wander the earth forever by an ancient magical curse. View Lyrics
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