Chris B

Chris B

Location: Hong Kong
Description: Solo moments from Hong Kong's most notable rock babe. Also lead vocalist of Guitars & Panties, Thinking Out Loud, COCKfight and Sisters of Sharon

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Moving On 2003 English

German pop!

Recorded in Frankfurt Germany at Mike Burn's studio. Chris B vocals & lyrics. Mike Burn everything else!! Thanks Mike!


Cantonese Bop Cantonese


PANick composition featuring my vocals. PANick was the Winner of the Guitar Competition i held online in 2003. Over 10 guitarists entered worldwide all with the sole purpose of making their guitar 'sing' in Cantonese. Show and competing songs and results were aired on RTHK Radio 3 in 2003.


Our Dark Future English

Electronic Darkwave

Darkwave Electronica track. Vocals & lyrics by Chris B. Music by DJSpaceAce (Germany). Song was released the week George W. Bush decided to invade Iraq in 2003.


YMD Cantonese

Cantonese funk rap

YMD - Mike Debus asked me to rap in Cantonese whilst I was in Frankfurt - never tried before or since and this is the result - its all meant in good fun and not serious, I do not endorse what I'm singing about - for some reason German people think the Cantonese words for marijuana is hysterically funny hence the subject...

English-English Mandarin-Mandarin Cantonese-Cantonese Instrumental-Instrumental



Multi-coloured hair & floral tattoos, deemed a classy rock goddess by Hong Kong journalists.... Seen performing with various bands in HK, always wearing some sort of self-designed PVC costume... Conveying an explosive energy when on stage and is the most intimidating HK female musician at present. Having a Chinese mother & English father has truly warped her and on this exclusive solo page, she demonstrates her ability to co-produce and co-write songs with people from different continents.


Loud guitar music, deep male voices, theatrical stage presence, stage dives, cleavage

All time favorite songs

Some where I belong - Linkin Park and Justify my Love - Madonna

Hobbies and Interests

singing, guitars, tall men, beaches, gigging, attending gigs, travelling, pesto

People have compared you with

a better looking Patti Smith!

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