Date Formed: July 2009
Location: Hong Kong
Description: We are a band playing mainly grunge rock. We love Nirvana and The Beatles.We will rock you. Music is our life and live is music.

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Genre: Grunge rock

Release Date: 2009

Record Label: Little Red Hero

Credits: The credits have to go to Anthony Pak who created all the fabulous music and John Fung who used to be the bass player in these recordings.
Of course, our supportive family members should not be neglected. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all those musicians who influenced us heavily and strongly, namely The Beatles, Nirvana and all other great and wonderful musicians of our time.

Description: We indulge in music and like playing live gigs.

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Under the soil English

Grunge rock

This song was written when Anthony was in a state of great depression.


King of sleep English

Grunge rock

It was a song written about Anthony who used to be the King of Sleep. It was a self-reflection on his previous life.


She loves me English

Grunge rock

She loves me. Who is she? Anthony must give you a definite answer to this question after your listening.

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We are a group of genuine music lovers who enjoy seeing people getting high in our live gigs. We are usually thrilled to create more originals in the years to come and treat music as a powerful means of human interaction for making friends and appreciating the beauty of human art. The current line up is a strange combination of middle-aged rockers with younger ones who are going to offer you one of the best alternative rock music in a bustling city like HK.
Long live rock and roll music!
Do pay attention to our future live gigs!


The Beatles and Nirvana

All time favorite songs

The hits from The Beatles and Nirvana

Hobbies and Interests

Playing live gigs and creating new songs and music that people love

People have compared you with

Anythng or anyone that we can associate with

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