Bob Spelled Backwards

Bob Spelled Backwards

Date Formed: May 1991
Location: The Internets (they are exploding)
Description: Band of Transnoodle frontman Josh O'Connor


50ft David Bowie (demo mix) English


Under dem radar cover, Monster N come in one day...

English-English Mandarin-Mandarin Cantonese-Cantonese Instrumental-Instrumental



(in alphabetical order)
Mark Loggins: guitars, melodica, vocals, sitar, Fender Rhodes

Josh O'Connor: vocals, keyboards, xylophone, bells, percussion, harmonica, sampler, zoob tube, Morrissey, terrible deal-breaking whistling

Reuben Saunders: vocals, viola, piano, tap-dancing

Mike Shaffer: acoustic guitar, vocals, slide whistle, percussion

Allan Weeks: bass, sampler

Chris Mitchell:audio engineer

(occasional members)
Craig Alexander: vocals, bitterness

J.J. Butts: occasional Boone-based bass and mod Goth substitute

Tom Clapham: vocals, keyboard

Chad Edwards: percussion, vocals

Chris Haskett: howling vocals

Jesse Hawkins(original member, MISSING): press record on the tape, vocals, guitar, harmonica, intermittent vanishing

Kelly Mitchell: vocals

John Mullholland: hand percussion, special teas

Jesse Rouse: additional acoustic guitar and vocals

Jason Ward: guitar on "Solo Run"

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