Defiant Scum

Defiant Scum

Date Formed: September 2006
Location: Hong Kong
Description: Hong Kong Street Punk - raw, snotty and arrogant.

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Self Titled

Self Titled

Genre: Punk

Release Date: Mar 2007

Record Label: n/a

Credits: Muzz - Vocals
Snake - Guitar
Kuro - Guitar
Jan - Bass
Nicky - Drums

Description: Recorded with Defiant Scum's original line-up.
More a demo than an Album. It has our first 10 songs.
Out of tune guitars, fuckups and all things good are in there.

 Title ListenDownloadDescriptionsLyrics
1.DIYEnglishListen (2:14)Download (3.2 MB)Do It Yourself. Form your own band even if you can barely play. All you need is spirit.View Lyrics
2.DefianceEnglishListen (3:14)Download (4.6 MB)Defy everything. Don't do what you're told. Fight back.View Lyrics
3.Fashion WhoresEnglishListen (1:33)Download (2.2 MB)Yuppies who dress like punks....View Lyrics
4.Wasted YouthEnglishListen (2:22)Download (3.4 MB)Hong Kong youth who always study and never live.View Lyrics
5.Punk RockEnglishListen (2:06)Download (3.0 MB)A song about not conforming to what's popular.View Lyrics
6.Plastic PrisonEnglishListen (2:10)Download (3.1 MB)Living in amongst the consumerism and pollution of Hong Kong.View Lyrics
7.Rat Race RiotEnglishListen (2:32)Download (3.6 MB)Working for shit, day after day.View Lyrics
8.Shut Up and Play!EnglishListen (2:38)Download (3.7 MB)Bands who give long-winded diatribes between songs should be put down.View Lyrics
9.Fuckin' Move!EnglishListen (1:32)Download (2.2 MB)Walk the streets of Hong Kong and this song will immediately make sense.View Lyrics
10.I Don't Wanna!EnglishListen (1:16)Download (1.8 MB)A silly song about being stubborn.View Lyrics
Year Of The Scum

Year Of The Scum

Genre: Punk

Release Date: 2010

 Title ListenDownloadDescriptionsLyrics
1.Every Day Is The SameEnglishListen (1:32)Download (1.8 MB)  
2.BombedEnglishListen (1:35)Download (1.9 MB)  
3.Concrete TyphoonEnglishListen (1:21)Download (1.6 MB)  
4.DefianceEnglishListen (3:14)Download (4.6 MB)  
5.DIYEnglishListen (2:14)Download (3.2 MB)  
6.Fashion WhoresEnglishListen (1:33)Download (2.2 MB)  
7.LiesEnglishListen (3:13)Download (3.9 MB)  
8.No GodsEnglishListen (1:22)Download (1.5 MB)  
9.Punk Rock RickshawEnglishListen (1:26)Download (1.6 MB)  
10.The Pirates Of Cheung ChauEnglishListen (2:27)Download (3.0 MB)  
11.Tortured LogicEnglishListen (2:07)Download (2.5 MB)  
12.You Make Me Sick & Plastic PrisonEnglishListen (2:35)Download (2.9 MB)  
English-English Mandarin-Mandarin Cantonese-Cantonese Instrumental-Instrumental



Oi!, Street Punk, Pogo, Chaos. We like bands such as: Antidote, The Business, Chaos UK, Defiance, Oi Polloi, The Casualties, GBH, Sham 69, Cocksparrer, Oxymoron, Skinflicks, Popperklopper, The 4-skins, Argy Bargy.... The list goes on...

Hobbies and Interests

Beer, Punk, Anarchists, Subversive people.

People have compared you with

Terrible noise.

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