Lyrics to "Plastic Prison" by Defiant Scum:

Hong Kong is a robot, and you're a fucking cog!
You live off electricity, gasoline and smog!
The city's made of plastic, and plastic are your brains!
The rules are fuckin stupid, but their plans will fail!
Coz we're gonna bring you the true spirit of dirt!
Embrace it and you'll realise, there's pleasure in this world!

You're living in a plastic prison!
And you better get out, GET OUT! as soon as you can.

Hong Kong is a robot, and you're a fucking cock!
We will burn this city, get ready for a shock!
It's not about melodic punk, and metal-core don't fit!
That's middle class rebellion, and not the real shit!
Don't use your plastic brains, start thinking on your own!
All you need is passion, and a decent punk rock show!