Lyrics to "Rat Race Riot" by Defiant Scum:

Get up in the morning and go to work,
Body is tired and my brain does hurt,
Another day just like yesterday,
Do the job so I get paid.

Get the money to buy the shit,
That I'm told will make my life complete,
Less and less time spent on me,
A productive member of society.

Well I'm not gonna live my life that way!
Fuck that world and fuck what they say!
My time's worth more than they know!!!

Spend my life fuelling the boss' dreams,
A life of thralldom on my knees,
Be a good slave so I get the pay,
Continue on with this pathetic race,

To accumulate wealth and to own more,
Use every hour to build a horde,
Never wanted to end up this way,
This hollow life drives me insane.