Upcoming Live Performances

Tuesday, May 18, 9:00PM

What: The Wanch, Hong Kong
Where: The Wanch, Elgin Street



Date Formed: August 2004
Location: Hong Kong
Description: Heather is a solo singer, playing and writing chilled, soft acoustic songs.

English-English Mandarin-Mandarin Cantonese-Cantonese Instrumental-Instrumental



Working and Living in Hong Kong, while supporting live music!

*****Some very old reviews from Underground*****

"Mmmm. What a scoop for Underground! With a presence that displayed maturity beyond her 18 years, Heather was a pleasant surprise for everyone. A sweet strong vocals backed by confident strumming, she played a perfect length set to keep my attention and keep my curiosity peaked. Hopefully Heather will encourage other budding singer-songwriter-guitarists to take the live performance plunge.
Rosie Chan

"A true emotional exhibitionist, Heather lays her feelings bare for anyone who cares to listen. she is a solo act, both strumming and singing, lacking the musical depth of a full band but making it meaningful with her personal warmth.
Wally Amos


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