Date Formed: March 2003
Location: hong kong
Website: www.myspace.com/headhunterhk
Description: Alt-rock ,gothic, industrial and electronica

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god of evil (demo) English


when destruction begins new construction, may he/she destroy everything that seem to last forever


god save these bands (demo) English


compromise is a word only if you know exactly what it brings you


i'm afraid of the eagle empire (demo) English


"politically correct" is a poison without a venom


grave (demo) English


everyone needs someone to dig a grave when his/her time comes. we service our enemies sooner than they can anticipate their comings


aggression (demo) English


sat in silence. attack when the time comes


kick ass and hate (demo) English


we're born with nothing. everything has to be learnt, including how to hate

English-English Mandarin-Mandarin Cantonese-Cantonese Instrumental-Instrumental



Headhunter Profile – 01 March 2007
1. Members:
vocal, guitar & programming: ring
bassist: dennis
keyboardist: steve
live drummer: bruce

2. Gigology:
- 12 July 2003, tribute to nothing, the warehouse, aberdeen
- 20 July 2003, farm, victoria park
- 15 May 2004, live house, kwun tong
- 20 May 2004, underground 2, joe bananas, wanchai
- July 2004, battle of the bands 2004, second round
- 11 December 2004, the hong kong labour club
- 18 December 2004, sheung wan municipal services building
- 2 January 2004, 39th hk brands & products expo, victoria park
- 13 March 2005, teen city night, city university
- 28 April 2005, underground 8, venue, wanchai
- 19 August 2006, battle of the bands 2006, the cavern, central
- 25 August 2006, vaseline.red, warehouse, aberdeen
- 9 September 2006, rockit audition, amnesia, central
- 28 September 2006, o’nite band show, baptist university, kowloon tong
- 13 October 2006, black friday, the fringe club, central
- 25 February 2007, dm plus studio

3. Other Events:
- march 2004, promotional ep “dark side of the room” released
- march 2004, cable tv, ymc
- 10 September 2005, vrank at jam dog, g-club, central
- 31 December 2005, vrank at 345, session 5
- February 2006, metro radio
- April 2006, 2 MVs (from the dark side, aggression) recorded for smartone’s 3G channel
- September 2006, vrank received interview for yes magazine vol.805
- September 2006, ring received interview for yes magazine
- October 2006, interview for yes magazine vol.811
- October 2006, promotional vcd of band’s previous performance highlights released

4. Profile:
Formed in 2001, Headhunter was originally formed as a mobile-jamming group among the top musicians in Hong Kong’s dark music scene. With gradual popularity and departures of various members, the band steadied with the core members as it stands now – ring, sheung, phantom and vrank.
Headhunter’s music style is categorized as industrial/gothic electronica and the influence of the band is obvious. Proud to be the first band of the music genre in Hong Kong, the band is currently at the final recording stage of their debut album, temporarily titled “the dark side of the room”. With the shocking image and their unusual music style among the local music scene, the band is definitely an alternative entertainment to any audience.

5. Contact:
official website: www.huntyourhead.com
myspace: www.myspace.com/headhunterhk
friendster: www.friendster.com/vrank
blog: http://hk.myblog.yahoo.com/head-hunter
email: huntyourhead@gmail.com
postal address: Rm 1211, Viet Shing Factory Building, 145 Wai Yip Street, Ngau Tau Kok, Kowloon
mobile: ring 6221 046
vrank 6100 9915
sheung 6748 0437
phantom 6333 0734


the doors, nin, curve,nirvana, zilch, buck tick, , elastica, virus, kmfdm

All time favorite songs

closer, heart shape box, all the doors songs ...

Hobbies and Interests

music, design, animals, books ,creation

People have compared you with

nin, kmfdm ,cure ,bauhaus ,london after midnight ,atr ... etc

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