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August 28, 2008

What: JovesPlus have your Thursday, with guitarist/singer Jovelyn Fuego for a jazz and folk inspired mix (9:30PM)
Cost : Free Entry (details)
Where: 49 Peel Street, SOHO, Central (map)


06 Dec 2008

Undergound 74 at The Melting Pot

Joves Fuego Trio (Chris Collins on bass, Mike Salcedo on drums) will be playing her tunes at the Underground #74 in the Melting Pot on Elgin Street, December 6th. Website and location details at

29 Nov 2008

Peel Fresco Music Lounge

Joves Trio (Chris Collins on bass & Mike Salcedo on drums) will be playing her tunes and other tunes at Peel Fresco Music Lounge on November 29th. Music starts at 9:30pm - website and location details



Date Formed: July 2006
Location: Hong Kong
Description: Jovelyn Fuego (aka Joves) began in June 2004 as a solo acoustic Singer/Songwriter and played at the first acoustic set of the RockIt Festival in 2004. Now plays monthly at the Peel Fresco Music Lounge on Peel Street in Central.

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Shoebox in the City English


This is for those of you who've ever lived or are currently living in a tiny little place in a cosmopolitan city. You live there because you love it there...


U Wud B Happy English


This is a song written about faces... How certain people would always smile regardless of what's happening around them... This is for people who will always be happy, no matter what...


Christmas Greetings English


A reminder to all that Christmas is just around the corner so you should send your greetings whenever you can, even if you think it's too late, it ain't.... It will always be appreciated.

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Joves (Jovelyn Fuego) has lived in Hong Kong since she was 4 years old. She began performing as a solo acoustic singer/songwriter in 2004 and she's been compared to Norah Jones, Joni Mitchell and early Rickie Lee Jones. She has performed acoustically in pubs and clubs in Hong Kong, as well as in the United States (New York and Boston), with great reviews. She teamed up with guitarist/bassist Chris Collins for the Soundbase Festival 2007's Tom Lee Acoustic Band Competition and won 1st prize for her original song "Shoebox in the City", and won 2nd prize for 2008's competition for her song "Master". She and her bandmates (including Mike Salcedo on drums) won 3rd prize in this year's (2008) Global Battle of the Band's Hong Kong Finals. She is recently featured in SCMP's podcast interview on YouTube describing her musical journey and her song "Shoebox in the City".

Bassist Chris Collins, was born and grew up in HK, earned his BMUS degree (jazz guitar
performance) at the Australian Insitute of Music in Sydney and came back to HK to work and teach. He plays guitar, bass and sings and has played more high profile gigs than he can remember now - including one for the President of Taiwan. He won Best Individual Performance in 2007's Tom Lee Acoustic Band Competition for his live performance on "Shoebox in the City". Chris is playing lead guitar with Tai Tai Alibi who's opening for the Manic Street Preachers in Hong Kong on November 26th, 2008.

Drummer Mike Salcedo, started playing drums when he was 16 and felt the love of the groove right away and has never stopped playing since. He joined Shepherds The Weak in September 2001 and have been moonlighting in Joves' band since 2006.


dave matthews, rickie lee jones, john mayer, steely dan, the beatles, jeff buckley, peggy lee, rufus wainwright,

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