Date Formed: October 2007
Location: Hong Kong
Description: Killer Soap delivers punchy yet smooth pop rock anthems with feet tapping grooves.

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Get rid of you English


This song was written in Winter 2007.


Reason English


This song was written in Summer 2007 and we competed in Heartbeat band competition 2007 with Reason and was awarded the 1st runner up.


Once Again English


This is a song written in the summer of 2006. Time is unidirectional. You can always ask for one more chance, but you will never go back in time.


Somebody English


This song carries some message of Christianity.

English-English Mandarin-Mandarin Cantonese-Cantonese Instrumental-Instrumental



Killer Soap is a five piece independent rock band from Hong Kong formed in 2004, with Rocky Chan on vocals, Man Man Lau and Kevin Au on electric guitar, Isaac Ming on electric bass and Gould Wu on drums. The name Killer Soap is a reflection of our cultural background, blending together the local Hong Kong Chinese culture as well as the British colony culture. If you translate Killer Soap into Cantonese, the same sound translates to “The ultimate lethal weapon”.

The music of Killer Soap is also a mix of the east and the west; consists of some fast, upbeat, catchy tunes as well as some moody, touch-your-heart type of ballad. The catchy melody has a lot of influences from J rock and J Pop, while the rhythm section and the guitar arrangement are more influenced by the west.

Ever since 2004, they have performed in more than a hundred gigs, including several appearances in local television. Four of their songs are included in the computer game “Audition” – an online music game with more than two million registered players. In winter 2008, they won the champion of China Global Battle of the Bands ( and competed in the World Final with 26 other talents from all around the world in London as the representative of China.


Rock, Punk, Metal, Jazz, Blues, Funk, J-rock, etc

All time favorite songs

Last Train Home, To be with you

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Beautiful girls

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Lostprophets, James Blunt

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