Kyra Santiago

Kyra Santiago

Location: Hong Kong
Description: I am 18 years old, and enjoy making music in the late hours of the night. One WOman band with everything written and recorded in my room. I have a love for post rock but have developed more a soft acoustic pop sound.

English-English Mandarin-Mandarin Cantonese-Cantonese Instrumental-Instrumental



Im 18, filipino, but I basically grew up in Hong Kong. Unfortunately, I do not speak either Chinese or Tagalog..but thats not the point of this bio haha.

ANYWAY. Music's always been a passion of mine. Ive been singing since I was about 10 and picked up the guitar again about 3 years ago. I just recently began writing my own songs and I'm loving every minute of it! I record/edit my songs at home, but its all still a work in progress :)

2008 was basically the year for me. I went to Berklee College of Music for a summer performance program and it was honestly the best experience of my life. I learned so much about music and what it meant to be a true musician. It gave me that push in the right direction, which helped me to decide to pursue music. It helped me realize that okay, this is what I want to do; this is what I love doing.

Sooo now. Here I am. Finally writing my own music, performing and trying to get myself out there.

I love listening to all kinds of music. Anything from rock n roll to hip hop to jazz is great. But as a performer, I enjoy playing acoustic/rock songs.

So here's my stuff :) Enjoy!


Copeland, Coldplay, Meiko, Death Cab for Cutie, Explosions in the Sky, Snow Patrol

All time favorite songs

When Finally Set Free, Don't Slow Down, Sweet Child of Mine, Yellow

Hobbies and Interests

Aside from the obvious: volleyball, billiards, video games. just hanging out with my favorite people

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