Date Formed: October 2004
Location: Hong Kong
Description: Rock Band fighting for freedom of thought and to live life the way we want to.

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Revise History

Revise History

Genre: Rock

Release Date: 2007

Record Label: LAZYI Productions

Credits: Babatunji Heath on Drums
Mark Espina on guitars
Andrew MacTaggart on bass and vocals
Mixing by Andrew MacTaggart and Babatunji Heath
Mastering by Milan

Description: 14 song album - all DIY production here in HK. Recorded in 4 sessions, but then I went crazy trying to polish a turd as the wise and great Baba once told me. So after 5 months or so of mixing this is the result. This is the Album that helped break up the band, among other things. All songs are copyrighted 2006.
I learned a lot on this project mostly to the credit of Baba and his experience. So I would like to thank him for that parting of wisdom. We didn't get much respect when we played around town and most people didn't get what we were doing and it is a shame cause the message is so important. I wish thee well.

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1.Secret Agent GirlEnglishListen (5:24)Download (5.1 MB)Song about girl lying to you and breaking your heart, but actually it is about the fear of not knowing, and instead of honestly facing problems, you lie and avoid only to have it come out and be much worse. 
2.Anti OmniEnglishListen (3:58)Download (3.8 MB)song about the state of the world and how one has to work to survive but misses out on their family. 
3.killing JarEnglishListen (5:44)Download (5.4 MB)Killing Jar is about the fact that we are insects in the eyes of the power elite. 
4.OutEnglishListen (5:24)Download (5.1 MB)out may seem like a homosexual enlightening, but it is actually about the state of society and the me me me movement. People have become so self absorbed by being an individual and ignored that we are all on this ball together. open your heart. 
5.Hold Me DownEnglishListen (4:38)Download (4.4 MB)Feeling the weight of the world powers that be. Knowing that we are slaves and can not rise above a certain caste level by design. KNowing that Usery has most enslaved and knowing that we are slowly being poisoned, and there seems that there is nothing we can do about. But I say F**K YOU I am not gonna do want you tell me. 
6.Saturday MorningEnglishListen (4:31)Download (4.3 MB)This song describes the apathy that has a grip on society, and how most people have been sold a "look out for me" bill of goods. If people could have more compassion to others what a world it could be. 
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