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khanlu kamei 0 November 5, 2012 siguilong vill tamenlong drit manipur india
Papercoin 0 July 11, 2012 Papercoin: hard-rolling trance-rock for the 21st century.
Fad 8 May 19, 2012 British. Faddish. Alternative. Naive. Taste like a cream tea, bittersweet but not a symphony. 英式、時髦、另類、天真,苦樂參半,簡單而令人回味
the dentals 2 November 20, 2011 pop, rock, folk, punk, techno, hip-hip or a big heartfelt burp - you have to expect anything from the dentals!
All For A Vision 0 September 24, 2011 Kicking ass with Electronic Rock and C.C. Lemon since 2011.
The Bollands 0 September 23, 2011 Acoustic foot-stomping goodness.
LANI GIRO 65 August 17, 2011 I am a musical Improvisationalist...Realist...Standards are at the highest in the music listening biz today, writing great lyrics or melodies doesn't count, they've been done,, it's the overall audio quality that people are listening for and will buy if up for sale.......cdbaby
Cthuluthu 10 June 22, 2011 Hola! Came to Hong Kong to start a new life. Looking forward in meeting new friends for a good jam ! I am a vocalist with fairly versatile range/tone. I am interested in exploring different styles of music or do covers!
operator 0 May 22, 2011 Operator is a multi faceted band who’s sound is derived from various musical influences. coupled by the creative tastes of its members, operatoR creates music with etherial effects and driving rhythms. Ben Robinson - Lead guitar, vocals. Victor Pena - Rhythm guitar, backing vocals. Marc Greiner - Bass. Jon Lee - Drums
Hazden 0 May 12, 2011 The ages of you form the sphere of us
Defiant Scum 19 February 18, 2011 Hong Kong Street Punk - raw, snotty and arrogant.
TKO 0 January 28, 2011 Ambientronic dreamscapes bleeps beats and some real songs as well.
More Reverb 2 January 18, 2011 more reverb - Hong Kong post rock instrumental band. We don't think too much or worry too much. We express our feeling that can't be expressed in words through music. Every song represents one kind of feeling, it can be sweet, depressed, happiness or anger, which all comes from our life. We want to bring audiences to our world, to feel, and experience with us.
Autological 4 December 29, 2010 Indie rock trio performing tragi-comic postpunk.
111 1 November 18, 2010 New to HK pop music, want to do something significant and new in my music life!
Transnoodle 130 November 10, 2010 Bouncy ska, reggae and latin beats with vibrant brass, thumping basslines and scratchy guitar.
fruitpunch 8 October 8, 2010 A two-piece band playing post punk music.We are now trying to play dance music as well.
HELIUM3 4 May 22, 2010 HELIUM3 formerly known as Skindeep is one of Hong Kong’s premier bands. , the boys have now finished the album now available in Hong Kong at HMV & HK Records Download at itunes. The CD has 12 original killer tracks and some music videos are also in the pipeline so stay tuned and be part of the “Helium3 Revolution”
Heather 0 April 30, 2010 Heather is a solo singer, playing and writing chilled, soft acoustic songs.
Liquid Scent 5 February 28, 2010 Liquid Scent, Since 2009. We fancy rock, alternative. Nothing wondering. Just wanna give a shock, not a shit to ourselves.<---bullshit.
xtt 4 February 1, 2010 Heavy Metal Band
OneLastFall 0 January 22, 2010 We Are OneLastFall And We Want You :D
Cecilia Lau 8 January 22, 2010 Love singing and writing songs and lyrics since teenage. I wrote English, Mandarin and Cantonese songs. My oringinal-song album will be on sale in the market in Feb 2010. I wish to use music to pass out positive messages and promote charity work.
faye wong 0 January 10, 2010 rock!!
The David Bowie Knives 1 January 8, 2010 Sex rock
Adam Gill 12 December 29, 2009 Instrumental composer in Hong Kong
mango532 3 December 19, 2009 mango532 is a story about a man and a recording machine.
Thinking Out Loud 5 November 26, 2009 Poppy rock band who laugh a lot! Fronted by the delicious Chris B posing with her guitar backed by 4 amazing male musicians. TOL rocks!!
the sleeves 2 November 25, 2009 the sleeves are a high intensity 5-piece garage rock band. 2009 has seen them hard at work completing an eclectic set of original songs. the sleeves are now intent on performing at as many different venues and reaching as many new listeners as possible. Hear more demos by the sleeves at:
sensorsound 1 September 19, 2009 百份百香港製作土炮音樂~~三人小樂隊,大無畏精神!100%Made in Hong Kong,Small Trio,Dare Spirit!
0 September 18, 2009  
Lazy Susans 2 August 26, 2009 Lazy Susans is an alternative rock band, entwined with easy listening sounds
Quasar 4 August 5, 2009 Original Rock Rebels ,came from different parts of the world to Hong Kong,living,working and making music .
kinson 0 July 30, 2009  
KillerSoap 4 July 26, 2009 Killer Soap delivers punchy yet smooth pop rock anthems with feet tapping grooves.
Senseless 2 July 15, 2009 Simple, happy, let's ROCK
Bodytoning 3 July 7, 2009 We are a band playing mainly grunge rock. We love Nirvana and The Beatles.We will rock you. Music is our life and live is music.
111 Gong Wu 1 July 6, 2009 The only band to cheat the listing system and come up on first! Also the loudest and baddest band to ever hit Asia!
3 days in december 10 July 3, 2009 random acoustic dribbles about the world and life
Bassmangriff 0 June 8, 2009 HK based producer of Drum & Bass, Breakbeat, Electro.
Eve of Sin 1 May 30, 2009 Eve of Sin is a Metalcore band that aims to play music that is angry with heart. Our songs are not about being upset and frustrated with life, they are about being empowered by rage and turning that energy into fuel for the mind!
Chris B 4 May 27, 2009 Solo moments from Hong Kong's most notable rock babe. Also lead vocalist of Guitars & Panties, Thinking Out Loud, COCKfight and Sisters of Sharon
Skindeep 0 May 27, 2009 A four peice band, with a rock soul, pumping out guitars, melodies, harmonies, and above all else, having fun!
The Jeff Caylor Band 4 May 25, 2009 The Jeff Caylor Band is a tight 4-piece with enough range to cover head-bobbing funk, acoustic soul, and fist-pumping piano rock all in the same set.
The PROJECTS 9 May 8, 2009 Electro Drum & Bass. HK based producer.
fongderek 0 May 1, 2009 Love Music!! Music World!!
Tai Tai Alibi 6 April 12, 2009 Tai Tai Alibi are four friends who grew up in Hong Kong; Tim Hills(vocals/guitar), Chris Collins (lead guitar/backing vocals) and Matt Cartwright (drums) started the band in October 2007. Old school friend Rafe D'Aquino took up bass duties at the beginning of this year.
SUSHI ROBOT 1 April 1, 2009 Drum & Bass company aiming to increase awareness about Electronic music in Hong Kong.
Pat Logan 0 March 23, 2009 In the early 90's Pat was a member of The Legendary Bay City Rollers, with concerts & TV shows in Europe, he also recorded with Runrig, (the Big Wheel album) and sung Backing vocals at all major concerts inc: Edinburgh Castle, Loch Lomond, Barrowlands, Hammersmith theatre London etc.
F.B.I. 6 March 5, 2009 Alternative / Rock / Punk / Metal
Amino Shower 1 February 18, 2009 Too tight to indie, to lame to pop...
Walking On Air 1 February 10, 2009 Formed in 2005 in the bedroom of local undergrad/singer-songwriter Winston Or, Walking On Air is an upbeat (albeit reclusive) indie-pop outfit influenced by the likes of Jesus & Mary Chain, My Bloody Valentine, Ride, Blur and Joni Mitchell.
headhunter 6 January 22, 2009 Alt-rock ,gothic, industrial and electronica
Nine Thirty 2 January 6, 2009 Gathered with guys having different exposure, Our band, Nine Thirty aimed at composing songs with various style. Vocal= Vicky, Guitar= Nick, Bass= Rick, Drum= 程
Swinging HayMakers 5 December 7, 2008 Country Style Music
Bob Spelled Backwards 1 November 25, 2008 Band of Transnoodle frontman Josh O'Connor
Poubelle International 4 November 18, 2008 POUBELLE INTERNATIONAL is a three-piece band that was formed in 2007 by three finely bearded designers over a lavish but bland three-course dinner. After having smoked three cigarettes in silence and feeling strangely content with their three tall glasses of Tanqueray, the trio shook hands and agreed upon a common mission; to play it loud!
Joves 3 November 16, 2008 Jovelyn Fuego (aka Joves) began in June 2004 as a solo acoustic Singer/Songwriter and played at the first acoustic set of the RockIt Festival in 2004. Now plays monthly at the Peel Fresco Music Lounge on Peel Street in Central.
The Projects 3 November 8, 2008  
Sea Monsters 2 October 23, 2008 Eccentric Jazz with Super Rock Beat!
22Cats 2 October 14, 2008 Post-grunge with no sense of humor.
Guitars and Panties 1 August 18, 2008 Hong Kong has never seen anything like new band GUITARS AND PANTIES. Their name suggests naughtiness, and indeed the girls are up for it. Says band founder Chris B, "Sometimes we wear panties, sometimes we don't." Won't their image be a problem in staid Hong Kong? "We don't care", says bass player Shirley. "We are what we are. If you've got it, why not flaunt it?" Indeed. "Flaunt" certainly comes to mind when you see the girls on stage. They are indeed a sight to behold and an instant substitute for viagra. For the record, the band line-up reads like a HK supergroup!
Supper Moment 0 July 29, 2008 Supper Moment is a Hong Kong Indie band which formed in August 2006
Violent Jokes 4 July 28, 2008 electronica, trip-hop, drum and bass
Cockfight 0 July 28, 2008 COCKFIGHT is about that fine line between the glorious and the stupid, between exuberance and arrogance. We jump over that line with both feet.
Spodac 5 May 30, 2008 Spodac is a group of well-seasoned musicians and songwriters from four continents playing original rock music in Hong Kong.
Bone Table 3 April 29, 2008 Picking the eyes out of Modern Music. Gutbucket rock with a Chicago twist.
masquerade 2 April 22, 2008 masquerade is a hong kong indie rock band,styles:metal,rock
candle with hair 1 April 13, 2008 well well well, we're we. and we have no clue about music whatsoever. but we have some instruments so we try - sorry about that.
Queen Elephantine 1 February 14, 2008 Massive dirty sludge with the finesse and grace of a 5-ton glutton or the thunderous trudge of an elephantine queen.
Darkness Pool 1 November 12, 2007 Dive Deep the pool and see What you'll get
The Racket 5 October 1, 2007 General Smedley Butler wrote a famous book called "War is a Racket" Incorporating this ideology we provide music concerning current political issues, thoughts on society and how it affects the person within. Research into the truth behind what we are all led to believe! A 4 piece all original and entertaining live show of rock/quirky pop!The Racket
DREAM5 2 August 12, 2007 We are Dream5, Styles: Pop, Funk, Latin, Blues, 70's Rock..etc. A group of highly energetic young musicians who have goals and dreams (featuring with difference styles drummers). Our music is very diversed using mainly guitar, piano, bass and drums and surround them with melodic melancholy of the flute.
KKIris 1 August 9, 2007  
Gray@DREAM5 0 July 20, 2007 Gray@DREAM5 [HONG KONG + AUSTRALIA] is a rock band that was formed by the group's drummer Samson, Kristal and Chirs Gray in Hong Kong, late 2006.
Sunset Coke 1 July 16, 2007 A Band from HK that play what we want to hear
No Tomorrow's Party 7 March 16, 2007 No Tomorrow's Party was started as my college project, the first released (2002) was an EP, Sound of the Trees.
The Train 4 February 28, 2007 THE TRAIN are 3 men rock band in Hong Kong in Punk and Brit Pop style. our band re-union for 2 years ago and won the Champion and the Best Bassist of budweiser True Music Competition in 2005. And this years 2006 we are the champion of world battle of the bands competition in HK too.
System Kick 3 January 20, 2007 Currently on semi permanent hiatus, System Kick was the first Macau band to play at Underground.
Windmills 2 December 5, 2006 Windmills的音樂清新自然甜美, 除曲詞之外, Windmills很著重編曲及歌曲的意境...
Snoblind 1 November 19, 2006 Formed in 2002, Snoblind uses their laptop computers, samplers and other gadgets to present an unique brand of audio/visual experience.
Very Ape 4 October 28, 2006 Very Ape is Japanese alternative rock band in Hong Kong. All factors of music is mixed with heavy and steady beat.
Natural City 3 October 5, 2006 A two piece band consisting of a guitar, a piano, and melodies that soar above.
lazyi 6 September 27, 2006 Rock Band fighting for freedom of thought and to live life the way we want to.
daphnis 2 September 26, 2006  
Sisters of Sharon 8 September 26, 2006 They have played alongside bands such as Tai Chi, Zen, Ratcat, Virus and Fugazi. Even the rich and famous cannot stay away! Celebrities such as Bob Geldof, Adrian Sherwood, Anthony Wong, Elvin Wong Chi Chung (+ more: there’s too many to mention!) have been spotted in the audience at Sisters of Sharon’s concerts.
nakedbreath 2 September 24, 2006 We believes there is no bad music when played with love and passion..
Secret in number 1 September 23, 2006 kimme - vocal and guitar huson - drummer penny - bass guiatarist yat - keyboard
Aloks31G 0 August 3, 2006 Alok's "super-group" band "Aloks 31G" (a reference to a Joy Division song),members are Sean(UNiXX), Lamb (UNiXX/My Stoned Playground), Kei (Luxury) and Simon (Luxury). under an own label "Lona Records"
Him 1 July 23, 2006 Songs and lyrics, composing and programming, Vocal,guitar ,bass all by Him William
Hardpack 0 July 23, 2006  
Sarasvati 2 July 23, 2006  
THE EMBER 0 June 13, 2006  
Matt Tanaka 1 June 12, 2006 Sappy singer-songwritery acoustic pop.
Kick Ball Car 3 March 31, 2006 The band is fond of many different music styles, from the classic Beatles to the modern band like Placebo, Radiohead, they also got influenced by some heavier bands like Incubus and Underoath.