Date Formed: August 2006
Location: Hong Kong
Description: We believes there is no bad music when played with love and passion..

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blue door English


Its all abt we wanna get out of here the confused place, wondering if theres a door somehow...


sadness calling English

emo punk

no one was alone and please walk with, stand with all your mates..?

English-English Mandarin-Mandarin Cantonese-Cantonese Instrumental-Instrumental



NakedBreath started out in May 2005, first made up of Tony and Kit jamming guitar riffs and drum beats at the studio. The band's idea and direction was to produce some addict tones with melodic vox and a die hard drum beat. At first Tony made the platform of the song and singing while Kit filled in bits and pieces of different instruments to link the song together. They succeeded in a few songs but were lacking a constant bass and Lead Guitar player. This was the time when Man and Ming joined in at the bass and Guitar positions, making NakedBreath a full band and ready to go. The band played in some shows and recorded a few tracks, but soon to find out there was a difference in everyone's musical direction and ideas. The tunes that were wanted from the start did not appear in their tracks, the problem went on and it was hard to figure out what went wrong or how they could compromise each other to produce the music that was meant to be. Ming left the band due to the problem and NakedBreath was forced to stop for a while. A few months later, the band started going again with Si joined in as the new bassist, and they managed to write songs that combine different ideas and styles of each member. Tracks such as Blue Door, Shouting and Yelling represent their ideas and it was a combination of their styles.


rock and roll

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