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Saturday, Nov 15, 10:30PM

What: With Bone Table and Hungry Ghost (details)
Where: The Fringe Club (map)
Price: $100

Tuesday, Oct 28, 9:30PM

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Where: The Wanch

Friday, Nov 21, 10:30PM

What: Listen Up! with The Message and Signal 8 (details)
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Friday, Dec 12, 8:30PM

What: The Underground (details)
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Sea Monsters

Sea Monsters

Date Formed: July 2003
Location: Hong Kong
Description: Eccentric Jazz with Super Rock Beat!

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The Underground #1 Something Alternative

The Underground #1 Something Alternative

Genre: Alternative Rock

Release Date: 2008

Record Label: The Underground

Description: This is the compilation of 11 greatest alternative bands

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1.Improvisation 01InstrumentalListen (1:02) It is our first song. There is a melody, but all part was by improvisation except melody. 
2.Improvisation 02InstrumentalListen (7:30) This is a complete imrovisation. We use the way of jazz music. Only decide simple sequence, and did the adlib. 
English-English Mandarin-Mandarin Cantonese-Cantonese Instrumental-Instrumental



Based on the policy of "Freer and No flatter music", this band
formed in 2001 by Ogura (from Very Ape) and Koya (from Speed King and Helter
Skelter). They recruited a guitar player from the newspaper, and
Ito joined to the band.
While they were making all efforts to compose original songs, they
joined a band competition by Tom Lee Music. Though almost no one
dare to play experimental music in Hong Kong, Ito was awarded as the best
guitar player.
In order to expand their music, Akiyama on turntables joined in 2002.
In the same year, they caused a ruckus in a wine bar in Shenzhen as the customers
rioted over this 'experimental' sound and the band were stopped after the second song!

In 2004, when they joined "The Battle of the Band", it was decided Ito had to move back to Japan immediately because of some disease. After we played at the Underground without guitar player, Hiroshi (from Helter Skelter) join to the band. His jazzy taste and theoritical play add different taste from Ito's blussy guitar.

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