Date Formed: December 2005
Location: Hong Kong
Description: Bouncy ska, reggae and latin beats with vibrant brass, thumping basslines and scratchy guitar.

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"It Came From Lamma..." 10/30/10

Genre: Hard-Ass Rock

Release Date: 2010

Description: Bahouki/Transnoodle/The Curs at Xperience in Wanchai. Halloween show.

 Title ListenDownloadDescriptionsLyrics
1.Whole Lotta Love/Hong Kong/Sweet DreamsEnglishListen (7:07)Download (17.0 MB)We first played this medley at our show at Grappa's in August 2010 and liked it so decided to throw it in for Hells'o'ween 
2.Rum and Coca-Cola (Cover)EnglishListen (2:54)Download (6.9 MB)Cover of the original version of this song by Lord Creator. He flew to NYC to sue the producers of a cover version by The Andrews Sisters which became a huge hit. It's about prostitution in Trinidad. 
3.The Love Me or Die (Cover)EnglishListen (4:09)Download (9.9 MB)From the immortal (and in fact still living) C.W. Stoneking, our humble tribute to his hooddoo masterpiece. 
4.Straight to Hell/Riders on the Storm/Port RoyalEnglishListen (13:50)Download (19.9 MB)It's a fair bet this will not be played at many of our shows but it KICKS ASS 
5.Wave of Mutilation (Cover)EnglishListen (2:11)Download (5.2 MB)The first standalone cover of the evening. Typhoon-oriented thus topical. 
6.Burnin' for You (Cover)EnglishListen (4:56)Download (11.8 MB)There is nothing specifically evil about Satan. 
7.Don't Fear the ReaperEnglishListen (5:11)Download (12.4 MB)The Halloween fun continues. We played this right after Burnin'. It changes you forever to successfully play Blue Oyster Cult in front of an audience. 
8.Werewolves of London (Cover)EnglishListen (3:41)Download (8.8 MB)Cover of the Warren Zevon Halloween classic. Fun to sing. 
9.Polonium 210EnglishListen (5:13)Download (12.5 MB)This ditty aout ex-KGB poisoners gets more fiery every time we play it! 
Rock School 8-13-10

Rock School 8-13-10

Genre: Ska

Release Date: 2010

Credits: John Saeki: guitar, vocals
Kevin Voigt: bass
Magnus Norberg: drums
Sarah Liegeois: alto sax
Orlando Osenda: trombone
Josh O'Connor: vocals

Description: This was a Transnoodle showcase show, but then ourselves and the organizers both booked a ton of support acts so we did one hourlong set without Matt Steele on keytar. A great evening of music all for FREE!

 Title ListenDownloadDescriptionsLyrics
1.1 - Monkey Magic (TV Theme) (Rock School 8-13-10)EnglishListen (5:01)Download (4.8 MB)Don't think we have ever opened a show with this one. 
2.2 - It's not Bambi (Rock School 8-13-10)EnglishListen (4:02)Download (3.8 MB)It used to be Bambi but now it's not. John didn't like having a song in the set called "Bambi". The horns wanted to play it anyway because Bambi isn't wimpy in French. 
3.3 - Rumours (Rock School 8-13-10)EnglishListen (3:14)Download (3.1 MB)Don't say bad things about people and we won't write bad songs about you! 
4. Polonium 210 (Rock School 8-13-10)EnglishListen (4:19)Download (4.1 MB)This is probably the earliest we have played this song in a set. Particularly rowdy version! 
5.5 - (I Need a) Mormon (Rock School 8-13-10)EnglishListen (3:55)Download (3.7 MB)Go off and get thee some religion, boy! 
6.6 - Beyond (Lord Creator Cover) (Rock School 8-13-10)EnglishListen (3:24)Download (3.2 MB)We did this song with a fast bit at the end, for the first time. 
7.7 - Spicy Island (Rock School 8-13-10)EnglishListen (3:48)Download (3.6 MB)The Spicy Island is now gone, replaced by a kebab shop. Though the curries can be found around the corner at the Beer Garden on the way towards the hill. 
8.8 - Body Snatchers (Rock School 8-13-10)EnglishListen (5:45)Download (5.5 MB)I guess this is like our Stairway to Heaven except it's about murder for provision of crematory corpses in mainland China. It is actually buying a stairway to heaven, if you think about it. 
9.9 - People Aren't Bad (They're Just Crap) (Rock School 8-13-10)EnglishListen (3:17)Download (3.1 MB)Actually quite an uplifting and humanist idea when you think about it.  
10.10 - The Journey (Rock School 8-13-10)EnglishListen (4:10)Download (4.0 MB)We have been playing this one more lately after not playing it for a coupla years. Fascinating, these liner notes, eh? 
11.11 - Sham Shui Po (Rock School 8-13-10)EnglishListen (3:22)Download (3.2 MB)So the idea is that weeks latyer he's standing in the rain in SSP and not feeling that great. 
12.12 - Ferry Pier (feat. Rahim) (Rock School 8-13-10).mp3EnglishListen (5:43)Download (5.4 MB)Rahim finally on record doing his English and Swahili chat!! 

It's Not Bambi (Aug 2010) English


This is a version from our rehearsal at Mark-1 Music Centre in August 2010. The name of the song has changed because John didn't like having a song called "Bambi" in the set.

Other recordings

Other recordings

Release Date: 2008

Description: Demos and Live stuff was getting too big, so this is where we will put the various studio recordings that are NOT the EP. So the Live albums will just be live albums without any studio tracks.

 Title ListenDownloadDescriptionsLyrics
1.Pohwahyuen (first EP mix)EnglishListen (3:48)Download (5.4 MB)Thi sis teh first mix off the upcoming Transnoodle EP. We decided NOT to keep this mis because Josh tried this jazzier vocal and decided it sucked later. 
2.Hong Kong (first EP mix)EnglishListen (3:48)Download (5.4 MB)First mix of Hong Kong for the upcoming Transnoodle EP. Includes Matt Steele on keyboards! 
3.Down in the Deli - (first EP mix)EnglishListen (3:48)Download (5.4 MB)First mix of Down in the Deli for upcoming Transnoodle EP. 
4.Ferry Pier - first EP MixEnglishListen (3:58)Download (4.7 MB)  
5.Spicy Island - first EP MixEnglishListen (2:40)Download (3.2 MB)  
6.Port Royal - Underground Compilation VersionEnglishListen (4:18) We finally recorded this for Underground Comp #2 
7.Transnoodle - Underground VersionEnglishListen (5:28)Download (10.4 MB)Also recorded for Und2 Comp. 
8.I Need a Mormon (John's Demo)EnglishListen (4:01)Download (4.8 MB)This is John's demo of a song he wrote after he saw some Mormons hassling an Indonesian girl. It's about going to excess! Yeah!View Lyrics
9.Spicy Island (Demo)EnglishListen (2:40)Download (3.2 MB)Sad song about lost love & curry... which does he miss more? 
10.People Aren't Bad (they're just crap) - John's DemoEnglishListen (4:03)Download (4.8 MB)John wrote this after a bunch of us missed several practices... 
11.Bambi (Josh's Reggae Instrumental Demo)EnglishListen (2:35)Download (2.4 MB)Just something I threw together with the wife on the keyboard and clock radio in the kitchen... We sped this up and transposed it to make the current version of Bambi...View Lyrics
12.Bury the Harbour (John's Reggae Demo)EnglishListen (2:57)Download (3.5 MB)On this version it doesn't switch to ragga during the verses.  
13.Polonium 210 (John's Demo)EnglishListen (3:20)Download (4.0 MB)If you have seen this new song explode into frenzied dancing and wondered what the words were, here's your chance. Contains quotes from ex-KGB agent Litvinenko who later died of radiation poisoning.

There's also dogs on this recording.
View Lyrics
14.Sham Shui Po (John's Demo)EnglishListen (4:24)Download (5.2 MB)Kind of a 80s Reggae feel to this version of the song about the downfall of a Hong Kong popstar. John's demos never sound like the final versions but they always have interesting stuff in them. 
15.Rumours (John's Demo)EnglishListen (3:25)Download (4.0 MB)The demo for this song doesn't include the last verse from the live version. 
16.Body Snatchers (John's Demo)EnglishListen (4:45)Download (5.6 MB)About the grim practice of murdering people to give their corpses to the morgue ... so their real family members can be buried illegally. Happens in the mainland, a lot.View Lyrics
17.Down in the Deli (Studio Demo)EnglishListen (4:16)Download (6.1 MB)First studio demo of this song about the woes of the world and how to forget them. Vocal by John Saeki. 
18.Bury the Harbor (Studio demo)EnglishListen (3:14)Download (4.6 MB)The first studio recording of this song about building a land bridge between Central and TST! John Saeki does the ragga parts with a lot of piss on this version. 
19.Black Rain (Studio Demo)EnglishListen (3:22)Download (4.8 MB)First studio demo of Black Rain, with lead guitar by Andrew Parkinson and vocal segue by John Saeki. 
20.Ferry Pier (Studio Demo)EnglishListen (4:32)Download (6.5 MB)First studio recording of Ferry Pier. Don't live to work, work to live, as they say. 
Fringe Club May 18 2008

Fringe Club May 18 2008

Genre: Ska / Reggae / Samba

Release Date: 2008

Description: This was a different set as we played a lot of new songs for the first time.

 Title ListenDownloadDescriptionsLyrics
1.Fu Manchu (cover)EnglishListen (9:23)Download (13.5 MB)Words to the wise from Desmond Dekker, the reggae pioneer 
2.HuddersfieldEnglishListen (4:32)Download (6.5 MB)A recent history of Hong Kong through English eyes 
3.Sham Shui PoEnglishListen (4:39)Download (6.6 MB)Dedicated to that pop star who videoed himself having sex with Hong Kong's most innocent starlets...  
4.BambiEnglishListen (5:24)Download (7.7 MB)A song written by Josh's wife, about an older guy who returns to the dating scene and tries to explain to a 30-year old woman why she's way too young for him. 
5.Ferry PierEnglishListen (4:09)Download (5.9 MB)After trying out the new song for the first time, it felt like time for an old standard. 
6.Pousada de ColoaneEnglishListen (4:56)Download (7.1 MB)The best performance of this song yet ... bit noisy on the recording but on fire. 
7.Port RoyalEnglishListen (3:27)Download (4.9 MB)Set closer for a double-shot of piracy. 
Transnoodle LIVE @ Fringe Jul 27 2007

Transnoodle LIVE @ Fringe Jul 27 2007

Genre: Ska

Release Date: 2008

Credits: Guest players:

Koya Hisakazu - Bass
Joseph Fuego - Trombone

Description: We sort of play ska mixed with punk mixed with latin and African influences. Mostly we just play music for people to dance to.

 Title ListenDownloadDescriptionsLyrics
1.Spicy Island LIVE at Fringe Club July 27 2007EnglishListen (2:40)Download (3.8 MB)Since You've gone... I've been missing all the curry that we used to eat... at the spicy island.... 
2.Ferry Pier b/w Boys Don't Cry LIVE at Fringe Club Jul 27 2007EnglishListen (6:21)Download (9.1 MB)Dedicated to those who take a boat to work. And the band that was in town that weekend. 
3.Poh Wah Yuen LIVE at Fringe Club Jul 27 2007EnglishListen (3:21)Download (4.8 MB)The rockingest song about reading ever.  
4.Monkey Magic (Cover) LIVE at Fringe Jul 27 2007EnglishListen (4:13)Download (6.0 MB)Theme from the popular TV show 'Monkey'. 
5.Down in the Deli LIVE at Fringe Jul 27 2007EnglishListen (4:06)Download (5.9 MB)The Deli is a bar on Lamma Island where our guitarist is wont to dance on the tables. 
6.The Journey LIVE at the Fringe Club Jul 27 2007EnglishListen (4:45)Download (6.8 MB)A song about Khaled el-Masri, an Arab German who found out about extraordinary rendition and secret CIA prisons firsthand. 
7.Hong Kong LIVE at Fringe Jul 27 2007EnglishListen (4:40)Download (6.7 MB)Dedicated to the US Navy boys stumbling through the steaming streets of Hong Kong. 
Underground Feb 9 2007

Underground Feb 9 2007

Genre: Ska/Punk/Latin

Release Date: 2007

 Title ListenDownloadDescriptionsLyrics
1.01 Down in the Deli LIVEEnglishListen (5:37)Download (8.0 MB)Featuring Joe Fuego on trombone 
2.02 Ferry Pier LIVEEnglishListen (5:14)Download (7.5 MB)Ode to nonwork pursuits 
3.03 Black Rain LIVEEnglishListen (3:22)Download (4.8 MB)If you have never seen a black rainstorm it really is BLACK. This song also addresses John's fixation with a particular pop star. 
4.04 Bury the Harbour LIVEEnglishListen (4:02)Download (5.8 MB)Our political song for '08 - Land reclamation all the way, baby, Till Hong Kong's not even an island anymore! 
5.05 Port Royal LIVEEnglishListen (4:14)Download (6.1 MB)Written from a scrap of a song devised by Noah Roy and Tom Hughes in the 90s, this rousing paean to pirates and pre-Kingston Jamaica is 13 years in the making.View Lyrics
6.06 Hong Kong LIVEEnglishListen (5:20)Download (7.6 MB)Dedicated to shore leave 
7.07 Pohwahyuen LIVEEnglishListen (4:00)Download (5.7 MB)A live version of Pohwahyuen with trumpet & trombone 
Transnoodle LIVE @ Wanch Jan 29 08

Transnoodle LIVE @ Wanch Jan 29 08

Genre: Ska/Reggae/Samba

Release Date: 2008

Description: Two sets of Transnoodle in Hong Kong's legendary rock pub.

 Title ListenDownloadDescriptionsLyrics
1.1 Port Royal LIVE @ Wanch Jan 29 08EnglishListen (6:14)Download (8.9 MB)Set opener about pirates in Jamaica 
2.2 Spicy Island LIVE @ Wanch Jan 29 08EnglishListen (2:48)Download (4.0 MB)His wife left him and now he hangs out at the same curry shop feeling sorry for himself. 
3.3 Hong Kong LIVE @ Wanch Jan 29 08EnglishListen (4:06)Download (5.9 MB)A US Navy boy's experiences in Wanchai leave him confused 
4.4 Sampan LIVE @ Wanch Jan 29 08EnglishListen (4:00)Download (5.7 MB)A woman arranges the transport that will take her away from her lover forever 
5.5 Another Weary Sunday LIVE @ Wanch Jan 29 08EnglishListen (3:45)Download (5.3 MB)How to escape from the drudgery of the workweek 
6.6 The Journey LIVE @ Wanch Jan 29 08EnglishListen (4:24)Download (6.3 MB)Khaled al-Masri fights to get back home after being kidnapped and sent to a secret CIA prison. A true story! 
7.7 Bury the Harbor LIVE @ Wanch Jan 29 08EnglishListen (4:26)Download (6.3 MB)Our 3-word political platform. Dedicated to Christine Loh for all her hard work against turning Victoria Harbour into one big mall. 
8.8 Monkey Magic (cover) LIVE @ Wanch Jan 29 08EnglishListen (4:09)Download (5.9 MB)Cover of the theme from the cult 70s TV show about Bhuddhism 
9.9 Huddersfield LIVE @ Wanch Jan 29 08EnglishListen (4:33)Download (6.5 MB)Debut live performance of new song about the trials and triumphs of a British expat in Hong Kong, from Chungking Mansion to the 2004 Tsunami 
10.10 Down in the Deli LIVE @ Wanch Jan 29 08EnglishListen (4:15)Download (6.1 MB)Forgetting the woes of the world on a tabletop in a bar 
11.11 I Need a Mormon LIVE @ Wanch Jan 29 08EnglishListen (4:52)Download (7.0 MB)Live recording of John's view of religion's potential to solve your ills 
12.12 Ferry Pier LIVE @ Wanch Jan 29 08EnglishListen (5:03)Download (7.2 MB)Y'all know Ferry Pier, our sort-of-Ska anthem 
13.13 Pohwayuen LIVE @ Wanch Jan 29 08EnglishListen (3:33)Download (5.1 MB)Another of our usual suspects... thrill to this song about reading 
Makumba 8-8-08

Makumba 8-8-08

Release Date: 2008

Credits: Josh, Orlando, Koya, Sarah, Josh, Matt and featuring Barney Bruce on cowbell. Thanks to Hamada for a spot of pre-show audio engineering!

Description: The first of our "Three Summer Nights" gigs at Makumba. This one was the same day as the opening ceremony for the Olympics! We were lucky to still have a good crowd!

 Title ListenDownloadDescriptionsLyrics
1.Old QuarryEnglishListen (3:20)Download (4.8 MB)This is an old song about expats living in Hong Kong 
2.Spicy IslandEnglishListen (3:26)Download (4.9 MB)Spicy Island restaurant is moving, so it IS closed, making this song all the more poignant. 
3.Fu Manchu (Cover)EnglishListen (3:41)Download (5.2 MB)Cover of a rocksteady classic by Desmond Dekker. About not bragging about your money. 
4.SampanEnglishListen (3:20)Download (4.8 MB)Song about the little boat for hire, that gets us out when we've stayed too long. 
5.HuddersfieldEnglishListen (4:32)Download (6.5 MB)Story of an English guy in Hong Kong over the years. This was funny because teh bass player started playing another totally different song... hence a very long and meandering instrumental segue in the beginning... we got there in the end. 
6.Pousada de ColoaneEnglishListen (4:56)Download (7.1 MB)This is the story of Caloy the Dog and Maria Catalina .. who had teh curves of a Ford Cortina, but wasn't enough to keep Caloy from the sea....

Heh, thi sis our answer to "Hotel California" (also popular in the Philippines...)
7.Port RoyalEnglishListen (3:27)Download (4.9 MB)Just to carry on the theme of pirates... 
8.Monkey Magic (Cover)EnglishListen (4:26)Download (6.3 MB)Getting into the finale of the first set.... some girl disses a guy in Cantonese at the top of this song. 
9.I Need a MormonEnglishListen (4:33)Download (6.5 MB)First set closer... a bit of something for all the religious folks in the audience. 
10.Jockey Full of Bourbon (cover)EnglishListen (3:34) Cover of the Tom Waits classic from Rain Dogs about... well, about a lotta stuff. 
11.Black RainEnglishListen (3:23)Download (4.8 MB)We keep dusting this one off. This performance was of course right smack in typhoon season. 
12.Ferry PierEnglishListen (4:09)Download (5.9 MB)Old standard about taking the Ferry to work (a continuation of a nautical theme? I dunno. Liner notes are hard.) 
13.Beyond (Cover)EnglishListen (2:22)Download (3.4 MB)This spooky tarantella or tango-influenced song is a ska clkassic from Kentrick Patrick that hasn't been very widely played. It's kind of a lyrical forerunner to "Every Breath You Take". 
14.TransnoodleEnglishListen (4:19)Download (6.2 MB)It's the song of the story of the legend of Transnoodle... 
15.Down in the DeliEnglishListen (4:03)Download (5.8 MB)Song about John's favorite place to have a beer. I have never seen him dance on a table... or dance, really. 
16.Bury the HarbourEnglishListen (4:05)Download (5.8 MB)This is the band's "Political Statement" on the paving of Victoria Harbour. In this special live version, John forgets all the words and I am heard to proclaim "we are fucked", but then things get going again. 
17.The JourneyEnglishListen (4:02)Download (5.8 MB)Hey, maybe we're lucky and won't have any more CIA prisons in Europe soon. Ya wonder, though. 
18.Poh Wah YuenEnglishListen (3:25)Download (4.9 MB)Get out your library books and reading glasses, punk fans! 
19.Hong KongEnglishListen (4:49)Download (6.9 MB)This song incorporates the horn line from "Confucius" by the Skatalites. It's part of a sort of old-ska trio with "Beyond" and "Fu Manchu"  
20.Encore: Sham Shui Po (fast) & Monkey MagicEnglishListen (0:00)Download (11.1 MB)Closing the set by reprising these two songs... this is the fastest version of SSP we've done. Followed by our cover of the song from the TV show of the old tale "Journey into the West" 
Live at Underground 52 @ Club Cixi

Live at Underground 52 @ Club Cixi

Genre: Ska

Release Date: 2008

Credits: Sarah, Sam, Matt, Andy, Kevin, Magnus, John, Josh, Koya

Description: Probably the best show we've ever played, and as close to the full band as we've ever gotten! (it WAS the full band at that time)

 Title ListenDownloadDescriptionsLyrics
1.Port RoyalEnglishListen (3:27)Download (4.9 MB)Ode to the mercenaries who plundered from this Jamaican pirate town. 
2.Spicy IslandEnglishListen (3:26)Download (4.9 MB)Cryin' in his curry... poor sod. 
3.PohwahyuenEnglishListen (3:33)Download (5.1 MB)Get thee to a library! Read a book, son. 
4.HuddersfieldEnglishListen (4:32)Download (6.5 MB)The sun has set on the British Empire but not on British ne'er-do-wells and blackguards like our hero who started off in a pub and ended up Vice-President of a bank. 
5.Down in the DeliEnglishListen (4:03)Download (5.8 MB)Dance the week away, forget your troubles. 
6.I Need a Mormon (Live)EnglishListen (4:33)Download (6.5 MB)Great live version (finally) of John's song about the benefits of the Christian life. 
7.Ferry PierEnglishListen (4:09)Download (5.9 MB)We really get into the chorus at the end of this one and believe us, playing in the band is what makes us feel alive in the REAL WORLD. 
8.Hong KongEnglishListen (4:49)Download (6.9 MB)A tribute to the Skatalites, featuring the melody line from 'Confucius'. this is the set closer. 
9.Monkey Magic (cover)EnglishListen (3:53)Download (5.5 MB)Our first encore was the Cover of the TV theme ... this time for all the Aussies! 
10.The JourneyEnglishListen (4:02)Download (5.8 MB)We NEVER close with this song since it's kinda heavy subject matter about Khaled El-Masri who was kidnapped into a secret CIA prison... but it was the closer that night. Maybe it was the loudest song we hadn't yet played. 
Live @ China Tea Club, Dec 12 2008

Live @ China Tea Club, Dec 12 2008

Release Date: 2009

Description: This was a birthday party for our friend Katherine. We had a sound engineer there.

 Title ListenDownloadDescriptionsLyrics
1.I Need a MormonEnglishListen (4:33)Download (6.5 MB)Another, decently fast version of this song. 
2.Port RoyalEnglishListen (3:27)Download (4.9 MB)Stomping version of this one about the pirates and their downfall. 
3.HuddersfieldEnglishListen (4:32)Download (6.5 MB)He wants to go back there. And then he doesn't. 
4.Spicy IslandEnglishListen (3:26)Download (4.9 MB)That song about that sad bastard and his curries 
5.Fu Manchu (Desmond Dekker Cover)EnglishListen (3:08)Download (4.5 MB)My favorite version of this has Barney Bruce on keys doing something really cool and dub. But I like this version too.  
6.Sham Shui PoEnglishListen (4:39)Download (6.6 MB)Downfall of a pop icon, due mostly to other people's prudishness in a city that ranks near the bottom of the Durex survey. He'd be huge in America. 
7.Ferry Pier / Boys Don't Cry (live)EnglishListen (5:22)Download (7.7 MB)Better than avereage rendition of the Cure cover added at the end. 
8.Monkey MagicEnglishListen (4:45)Download (6.8 MB)We hadn't played this one in awhile. Gets pretty good n crazy at the end. 
Underground 63 at Cavern

Underground 63 at Cavern

Genre: Ska/Reggae/Latin

Release Date: 2008

Credits: John - vocal, guitar
Koya - bass
Orlando - trombone
Magnus -drums
Matt - keyboard
Josh - vocal

Description: LINK:

This was a show done at the Cavern that went pretty well. They have a fantastic sound system and engineer so we got this great recording from Underground. A whole show in one file, the best sound quality of any live recording we have. Enjoy!

 Title ListenDownloadDescriptionsLyrics
1.Spicy Island (Underground 63)EnglishListen (4:55)Download (11.8 MB)John can't turn off the distortion on his amp so for the first time you can hear this song with thick power chords, haha... 
2.Port Royal (Underground 63)EnglishListen (4:18)Download (10.3 MB)Too much has already been said about this song. Now with distortion. 
3.I Need a Mormon (Underground 63)EnglishListen (5:00)Download (11.9 MB)I Need a Mormon with distorted guitar 
4.Huddersfield (Underground 63)EnglishListen (4:39)Download (11.1 MB)Now with distorted guitar. John's hopping mad by this point but Chris is thinking it sounds superb. 
5.Sham Shui Po (Underground 63)EnglishListen (3:51)Download (9.2 MB)These are all good versions, and you'll never hear them with distorted guitar elsewhere. 
6.Hong Kong (Underground 63)EnglishListen (4:15)Download (10.2 MB)Coming to the end of the set with this one. 
7.Poh Wah Yuen (Underground 63)EnglishListen (3:57)Download (9.4 MB)Now with distortion, the closer of this set. 
Live @ Roots Rumble Feb 2009

Live @ Roots Rumble Feb 2009

Genre: Rock

Release Date: 2009

Credits: Sarah Liegeois: Alto Sax
Magnus Norberg: Drums
Orlando Osenda: Trombone
Josh O'Connor: Vocals
Andrew Parkinson: Guitar
John Saeki: Guitar, Vocals
Matt Steele: Keyboard
Kevin Voight: Bass

Description: Live opening up for El Destroyo, Go Jimmy Go and Astrophonix at Grappa's Feb 28(?) 2009

 Title ListenDownloadDescriptionsLyrics
1.Port Royal (Roots Rumble)EnglishListen (3:48)Download (5.4 MB)Starter for our set at Roots Rumble 
2.Bambi (Roots Rumble)EnglishListen (4:26)Download (6.3 MB)The song that almost broke up Transnoodle! 
3.Down in the Delhi (Roots Rumble)EnglishListen (4:12)Download (6.0 MB)The Roots Rumble version of Delhi 
4.Hong Kong (Roots Rumble)EnglishListen (4:45)Download (6.8 MB)Welcome to the HK bitch? Hey, you think up 100+ liner notes. 
5.Spicy Island (Roots Rumble)EnglishListen (3:20)Download (4.8 MB)A good fast version with a good solo and great energy. 
6.Ferry Pier (Roots Rumble)EnglishListen (4:18)Download (6.1 MB)What you do when you're not a slave to others... 
7.Sham Shui Po (Roots Rumble)EnglishListen (3:42)Download (5.3 MB)This is a really good version of this one. Matt on key solo. *Explicit Lyrics* Hahaha 
8.Poh Wah Yuen (Roots Rumble)EnglishListen (4:10)Download (5.9 MB)Pretty energetic version. Set closer. 
9.Monkey Magic (Roots Rumble)EnglishListen (4:08)Download (5.9 MB)The encore, and probably the best live version of this cover song from the cult 70s Japanese series. 
English-English Mandarin-Mandarin Cantonese-Cantonese Instrumental-Instrumental



John Saeki - Rythmn Guitar, Vocals
Kevin Voight - Bass
Magnus Norberg - Drums
Sam Bruce - Trumpet
Sarah Liegeois - Alto Sax, Percussion
Matt Steele - Keyboards
Josh O'Connor - Vocals, Harmonica
Orlando Osenda - Trombone, Percussion

Past players:

Koya Hisakazu - Bass
Barney Bruce - Keyboards, Percussion
Andrew Parkinson - Lead Guitar
Hugh - Drums
Joseph Fuego - Trombone
Tunji Heath - Drums
Ivy Fernie - Vocals

We are from the UK, Japan, France, the US and Sweden. Many of the players live on Lamma Island, including rythmn guitarist and chief songwriter John Saeki. Our songs are mainly punk, tinged with ska, latin and African rythmns and riffs. We are slowly building up our horn section and in 2008 we hope to launch a new lineup with trumpet, sax and trombone, as well as keys courtesy of well-known Nude keyboardist Matt Steele.

We like to write party music with a conscience, songs about things we like and don't like about Hong Kong, broken relationships, the problems of the world... and how to forget them by dancing your head off!


Salif Keita, Ivo Papasov, Joe Strummer, Tom Waits

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